Harrow Fireworks in partnership with the Scouts for 2018.
October 1, 2018

Harrow Fireworks Display has always seen, Morrisons supermarket an integral part of our community, and have wanted to work with them for many years. So in 2018, Harrow Fireworks and the Morrisons are pleased to be announcing we have agreed on a partnership

Morrisons supermarket has been kind enough to help out Harrow Fireworks display. Morrisons supermarket has many services to offer its customers, From its Nutmeg clothing line to its Morrisons makes it range. The Morrisons supermarket Trident Point, 19 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4BB have been integral to the Morrisons supermarket makes it brand as that store is the store that makes all the food you order online. The Store has a very nice and airy feel to it, not that busy at times so you can do all your shopping without bumping into many other trollies.

In store now, Morrisons supermarket are preparing for one of the year’s highlights, Diwali 2018. They have a full aisle of Indian treats to get you ready for the Festival of Light in Harrow.  If you come in the store you will see a host of deals to help you celebrate the festival of light 2018.

We were talking to Peter part of the management and the community champion. He showed us round the store, he told us how it had changed since it opened, and how Morrisons supermarket believe it’s the center of the Harrow community, at least when it comes to shopping.

Peter has worked very closely with community projects for years now, not just in Harrow but all over the UK. Peter firmly believes that if you help local events like ours, it shows the community that the company that you work for really does care about what goes on that area.

This year’s Harrow Fireworks Display is on, Saturday 3rd November 2018, in Byron Park, Peel Road  ha3 7qx (celebration of Culture) Event Gates will be open from 12 pm, and WE ARE FREE TILL 4 pm, then paid after. To Buy tickets click here https://www.harrowfireworks.co.uk/buy-tickets Our Fireworks display will kick off at approximately 7.45pm but remember we have our fab new act for 2018  the Human pyrotechnics show  at 7.30pm. We suggest you arrive early about 6.30pm and leave plenty of time for travel and parking. “ the Byron Park car park will defiantly be FULL by 5 pm, so we have printed a list on our website https://harrowfireworks.co.uk/contactus/parkingtransport/

New to  Harrow Fireworks fireworks is  Kuntal Indulkar and her Bollywood Dance Company,  who are scheduled to attend the Fireworks festival this year. It will be our pleasure to host her team of over 30 students and professionals and help them showcase their talent to the people of Northwest London, Brent and Harrow.

The Fireworks festival For Brent and Harrow wanted to bring something special to its event this year. So for 2018  Kuntal Indulkar and her Bollywood Dance Company will be performing live shows throughout the night in multiple places within our venue. Byron Park, Peel Road, London HA3 7QX.

Planned for you in 2018 is a Spectacular choreographed to music Fireworks Display (20 minutes ) | Human pyrotechnics show  | Bollywood Dancers | FIRE ENGINE |THE SCOUTS |  World food, from burgers to fish and chips, 12 outlets to choose from  | Indian food outlets | Full-size Fun Fair, enjoy 16 rides | Large licensed bar, serving beers, wines and spirits and soft drinks | Massive Marquee | Dancers | Business stands | Indian shopping stands| Diwali Art | Mehndi | Henna and hand art | Face Painting  | Glitter Tatoos|


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