This year the Harrow Fireworks Festival is MOVIE themed

About Harrow fireworks display. Harrow Fireworks Display Gates open at 12 pm and once again is FREE till 4 pm. The Fireworks display PRE show starts approximately 7.45pm with our special fire spinning and fire show. Our main fireworks show spectacular starts straight after our PRE fire show. GET THERE EARLY!!! (very early ) We are much more than just the average fireworks display and 2018 will be our biggest year yet, as we invite Brent, Barnet and Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Borehamwood, Elstree, Ruislip, Mill Hill and Edgware to come and play. Harrow Fireworks Festival is on Saturday, November THE 3TH 2018 in Byron Park, Harrow and is HOLLYWOOD MOVIE THEMED.


First and foremost this event is a fireworks display, however, we have added a large and unique twist to that concept. We want to give our visitors something extra, more ‘BANG FOR THEIR BUCK’ if you'll pardon the pun, so we have added a family fun day with a family festival. We have plenty of entertainment for you ranging from live DJ's to a full-size Fun Fair in all its glory. Harrow fireworks will be free to enter from 12 pm until 4 pm. Our forthcoming Harrow Fireworks display and Festival is going to be our largest event to date and is also themed around Hollywood movies. To provide wholesome family fun. Our event will feature:-
Full size fun fair
Our world food arena
Fully licensed bar marquee
A family zone
Cultural entertainment
Huge marquee
Business zone
The trade zone
20 minute fireworks display in time with themed music

Fireworks are used for many different celebrations and events, from birthdays to weddings and also many religious festivals like Diwali and Eid. In Britain, fireworks are traditionally used to celebrate Guy Fawkes night, more commonly known as the Gun Powder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes and his team 411 years ago.

We can also use fireworks for many other events, including New Year’s Eve celebrations and Halloween and weddings. If you would like to know more about booking fireworks displays please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our sister company. Harrow Fireworks display and Festival and family fun day is celebrating them all in one massive night of fun. Whatever you're celebrating, make sure you choose to celebrate with us at Harrow Fireworks Festival and Display. Help us make the largest Harrow Fireworks Display and family event ever.

We are offering the largest and most spectacular fireworks display and festival and display in Harrow but also a family fun day out. A fun-filled day for all the family for £20. That’s cheaper than a trip to the movies!!! So even in these troubled times that’s not a lot for a whole day of entertainment.

We know we're not Download Festival or the Secret Garden Party and we're not trying to be but for just £20 the whole family can join us for a full fun filled day of joy and entertainment. All the details can be found on our website from what's happening to activities and stands on the day of the event. For more info click here. Also, remember to buy your tickets Online where it's UP TO 30% cheaper.

The Harrow Fireworks display and Festival and family day (THE BIG BANG EVENT) is truly an event for all cultures and ages in the community. We have entertainment from around the world from England to India and America to China. When it comes to food and drink we have got it covered in our food arena.

Included in the event is not just burgers and hot dogs but also food from around the globe. From the ever popular BBQ to food from Asia and the Orient. With many catering vans you’re not going to go hungry

We have created a diverse market community that recognises the diversity of culture and the many demographics of Harrow and we will remember to include that aspect through the entire event. We believe that trying to involve as many different cultures of the local community contributes to the development of that same community. Join us at Harrow Fireworks display and Festival and display (THE BIG BANG EVENT).

Saturday November 4th Fireworks display and festival family event in Harrow, Brent, Barnet, Hillingdon and Ealing.